Designated Historic Sites in Staten Island

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Historic Districts

New York City Farm Colony - Seaview Hospital Historic District

St. George/New Brighton Historic District

St. Paul's Avenue - Stapleton Heights Historic District

Individual Landmarks

1 Pendleton Place House

120th Police Precinct Station House (66th Police Precinct Station House and Headquarters)

121 Heberton Avenue House

2876 Richmond Terrace House (Stephen D. Barnes House)

33-37 Belair Road House (Woodland Cottage)

364 Van Duzer Street House

390 Van Duzer Street House

411 Westervelt Avenue House, Horton's Row

413 Westervelt Avenue House, Horton's Row

415 Westervelt Avenue House, Horton's Row

417 Westervelt Avenue House, Horton's Row

565 and 569 Bloomingdale Road Cottages

5910 Amboy Road

710 Bay Street House (Boardman-Mitchell House)

92 Harrison Street House

Mark W. Allen House

Alice Austen House

Asbury Methodist Church

Audre Lorde Residence

Basketmaker's Shop (Morgan House) (Old Richmondtown)

Battery Weed

James L. and Lucinda Bedell House

Bennett House

Henry Hogg Biddle House

Billiou-Stillwell-Perine House

Boehm-Frost House

Brighton Heights Reformed Church

Brougham Cottage

Mary and David Burgher House, William Street

Christ Church Complex

Christopher House

Church of St. Andrew

Reverend Isaac Coleman and Rebecca Gray Coleman House

Conference House

Cooper's Shop (Egbert-Finley House)

County Clerk's and Surrogate's Offices (Museum)

The Crimson Beech (Cass House)

Cubberly-Britton Cottage

The George Cunningham Store

Curtis High School

George William and Anna Curtis House

Sylvanus Decker Farm

John De Groot House

Theodore F. and Elizabeth J. De Hart House

Edgewater Village Hall

Edwards-Barton House

Dr. Samuel MacKenzie Elliott House

John H. and Elizabeth J. Elsworth House

Ernest Flagg's Todt Hill Cottages: McCall's Demonstration House

Ernest Flagg's Todt Hill Cottages: Wallcot

Fort Tompkins

Gardiner-Tyler House

Garibaldi Memorial

Gillett-Tyler House

Grocery Store

Hamilton Park Cottage

Headquarters Troop, 51st Cavalry Brigade Armory

Houseman House

Kreischer House

Kreischerville Workers' Houses, 71-73 Kreischer Street

Kreischerville Workers' Houses, 75-77 Kreischer Street

Kreischerville Workers' Houses, 81-83 Kreischer Street

Kreischerville Workers' Houses, 85-87 Kreischer Street

Kreuzer-Pelton House

Lake-Tysen House

Latourette House

McFarlane-Bredt House (New York Yacht Club)

Manee-Seguine Homestead

Gustave A. Mayer House

Moore-McMillen House (Rectory of the Church of St. Andrew)

Neville House ("Old Stone Jug") / Neville-Tysen House

New Dorp Light

New York Public Library, Port Richmond Branch

New York Public Library, Tottenville Branch

Old Administration Building (Third District U.S. Lighthouse Depot) U.S. Coast Guard Station

The Parsonage

W.S. Pendleton House

Poillon House

Poillon-Seguine-Britton House

Prince’s Bay Lighthouse Complex

Pritchard House

Public School 15 (Daniel D. Tompkins School) (Staten Island Area Office, Office of Building Services, Division of School Facilities, New York City Board of Education)

Public School 20 Annex

Public School 28 (Former)

Reformed Church of Huguenot Park

Reformed Church on Staten Island, Sunday School Building, and Cemetery

H.H. Richardson House

Richmond County Courthouse

Rossville A.M.E. Zion Church

Rossville A.M.E. Zion Church Cemetery

The Rutan-Journeay House

Building A, Sailors' Snug Harbor

Building B, Sailors' Snug Harbor

Building C, Sailors' Snug Harbor

Building D, Sailors' Snug Harbor

Building E, Sailors' Snug Harbor

Chapel, Sailors' Snug Harbor

Gatehouse on Richmond Terrace, Sailors' Snug Harbor

Iron Fence at Sailors' Snug Harbor

St. Alban's Episcopal Church (Church of the Holy Comforter)

St. John’s Church

St. John’s Protestant Episcopal Church Rectory

St. Patrick's Church

St. Paul's Memorial Church and Rectory

St. Peter's German Evangelical Church at Kreischerville (Free Magyar Reformed Church), Parish Hall and Rectory

August and Augusta Schoverling House (344 Westervelt Avenue)

Scott-Edwards House

Seaman Cottage

Seaman's Retreat: Main Building

Seaman's Retreat: Physician-in-Chief's Residence

Seguine House

Sleight Family Cemetery (Rossville (Blazing Star) Burial Ground)

Dorothy Valentine Smith House

Standard Varnish Works Factory Office Building

Staten Island Borough Hall

Staten Island Family Courthouse (Staten Island Children's Courthouse)

Staten Island Lighthouse

Staten Island Savings Bank Building

Stephens House and General Store

Stephens-Prier House

Louis A. and Laura Stirn House

Third County Courthouse

Tompkinsville (Joseph H. Lyons) Pool

Treasure House

Van Pelt-Rezeau Cemetery

John King Vanderbilt House

Vanderbilt Mausoleum

The Vanderzee-Harper House

Voorlezer's House

Caleb T. Ward Mansion

Westfield Township District School No. 5/Public School 1 Annex

Westfield Township District School No. 7/Public School No. 4

Woodrow Methodist Church

Nathaniel J. and Ann C. Wyeth House

Interior Landmarks

Lane Theater, First Floor Interior

Sailors' Snug Harbor - Building "C" Interior, First Floor Interior

Sailors' Snug Harbor - Chapel, First Floor Interior

Tompkinsville (Joseph H. Lyons) Pool Bath House, First Floor Interior