Designated Historic Sites from 14th Street to 59th Street

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Historic Districts

Chelsea Historic District

East 17th Street/Irving Place Historic District

Gramercy Park Historic District

Ladies’ Mile Historic District

Lamartine Place Historic District

Madison Square North Historic District

Murray Hill Historic District

Sniffen Court Historic District

Stuyvesant Square Historic District

Tudor City Historic District

Turtle Bay Gardens Historic District

West Chelsea Historic District

Individual Landmarks

126, 128, 130-132, 136 & 140 West 18th Street Stables (individually designated)

13 West 54th Street House

130 West 30th Street Building

130 West 57th Street Studio Building

140 West 57th Street Studio Building (The Beaufort)

144 West 14th Street

145 & 147 Eighth Avenue Houses

15 West 54th Street House

152 East 38th Street House

18 East 41st Street

2 Park Avenue Building

23rd Police Precinct Station House (now Traffic Control Division)

240 Central Park South Apartments

275 Madison Avenue Building

311 and 313 East 58th Street Houses

312 and 314 East 53rd Street Houses

326, 328 & 330 East 18th Street Houses

400 Madison Avenue Building

437, 439, 441, 443-445, 447, 449, 451, 453, 455, 457 & 459 West 24th Street House (individually designated)

5, 7,9, 17, 19, 21 & 23 West 16th Street Houses (individually designated)

5 West 54th Street House (Dr. Moses Allen Starr Residence)

500 Fifth Avenue Building

574 Sixth Avenue Building

7 West 54th Street (Philip and Carrie Lehman House)

9-11 West 54th Street House (James J. Goodwin Residence)

Aberdeen Hotel (Former)

Actors Studio (Seventh Associate Presbyterian Church) (432 West 44th Street)

Aeolian Building (Elizabeth Arden Building) (689 Fifth Ave & 54th St)

Algonquin Hotel

Jonathan W. Allen Stable

Allerton 39th Street House

B. Altman & Company Department Store Building

Alvin Theatre (Neil Simon Theatre)

Alwyn Court Apartments

Ambassador Theatre

America-Israel Cultural Foundation (William H. Moore House)

American Academy of Dramatic Arts

American Fine Arts Society

American Radiator Building (American Standard Building

Amster Yard

ANTA Theatre (Guild Theatre, Virginia Theatre, August Wilson Theatre)

Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, First Department

Asser Levy Public Baths

The Association of the Bar of the City of New York

AT&T Corporate Headquarters Building (later Sony Plaza)

Bank of the Metropolis

Barrymore Theatre

Beaux-Arts Apartment (310 East 44th Street)

Beaux-Arts Institute of Design (304 East 44th Street)

Belasco Theatre

Bergdorf Goodman Building (754 Fifth Avenue)

Beverly Hotel 125 East 50th Street

Joseph B. and Josephine H. Bissell House, 46 W55 St

Booth Theatre

George S. Bowdoin Stable (149 East 38th Street)

Bowery Savings Bank Building

Brill Building

Broadhurst Theatre

Brooks Atkinson Theatre (Mansfield Theatre)

Bryant Park Studios (80 West 40th Street)

Middleston S. and Emilie Neilson Burrill House (36 East 38th Street)

Bush Tower

Louis H. Chalif Normal School of Dancing (Columbia Artists Management Inc. (Cami) Building)

Carnegie Hall

Catholic Apostolic Church (Church for All Nations) (417 West 57th Street)

CBS Building

Central Synagogue (Congregation Ahawath Chesed Shaar Hashomayim)

Century Association

Century Association Building (former)

Century Building

Chanin Building

Chrysler Building

Church Missions House-Protestant Welfare Agencies Building

Church of St. Mary the Virgin (Church, Clergy House, Mission House, Rectory and Lady Chapel), 145 W. 46th St

Church of the Holy Apostles

Church of the Holy Communion and Sisters’ House and Chapel and Rectory

Church of the Incarnation and Parish House

Church of the Transfiguration (Little Church Around the Corner) and Rectory

Citicorp Center, including St. Peter’s Church (former) (601 Lexington Avenue)

City Center 55th Street Theatre (Mecca Temple)

Civic Club (Estonian House)

Thomas B. and Fanny Clarke Residence (Collectors Club)

Consolidated Edison Building

Cort Theatre

Coty Building (former), 714 5th Ave at 56th St

Mary Hale Cunningham House (124 East 55th St)

Daily News Building

Decker Building

Joseph Raphael De Lamar House

A.T. Demarest & Company and Peerless Motor Car Company Buildings (General Motors Corporation Building) (224 & 228 W57 St)

Adelaide L.T. Douglas Residence (57 Park Avenue between East 37th and 38th Streets)

East 11th Street Baths

Frederick C. and Birdsall Otis Edey House

Eleventh Judicial District Courthouse (Former) (Eleventh District Municipal Court/Seventh District Magistrates’ Court) (American Theater of Actors/The Children’s Museum of Manhattan)

The Emmett Building

Empire State Building

Engine Company Number 23 (215 W58th St)

Engineering Societies’ Building and Engineers’ Club

Martin Erdmann Residence (57 East 55th Street)

The Everett Building

James Farley United States Post Office

E. Hayward Ferry and Amelia Parsons Ferry House

Fire Engine Company No. 54 (Former)

Fire Engine Company No 65 (33 W43rd St)

Flatiron Building

Ford Foundation Building

Forty-Sixth Street Theatre (Chanin’s Forty-Sixth Street Theatre)

Fred F. French Building

Free Public Baths of the City of New York, East 54th Street Bath and Gymnasium, 348 E54th St

Friends Meeting House (28 Gramercy Park South (144 East 20th Street))

Friends Meeting House and Friends Seminary (Rutherford Place-16th Street)

Fuller Building

Gainsborough Studios (222 Central Park South)

General Electric Building

The Gerard

Germania Life Insurance Company Building

Gilsey Hotel

Goelet Building (Swiss Center Building) 606-608 Fifth Avenue at 49th St

Golden Theatre (Theatre Masque)

B.F. Goodrich Company Building (1780 Broadway)

Gorham Manufacturing Company Building (889 Broadway at East 19th Street)

Gorham Building (390 Fifth Avenue at West 36th Street)

The Gotham Hotel (The Peninsula)

Helen Miller Gould Stable (Former) 213 West 58th Street

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Hotel

Graybar Building (420 Lexington Avenue)

Greenwich Savings Bank (Crossland Federal Savings Bank)

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Annex 105 East 17th Street

Hampton Shops Building (18-20 East 50th Street)

The Harvard Club of New York City

Haskins & Sells Building 35 West 39th Street

Hearst Magazine Building

Henry Miller’s Theatre

High School of the Performing Arts

Historic Street Lampposts (from 14th Street to 59th Street)

L.P. Hollander & Company Building (Former)

Harry B. and Evelina Hollins Residence

Hotel Chelsea

Hotel Lexington (511 Lexington Avenue)

Hotel Mansfield (12 West 44th Street)

Hotel Martinique

Hotel Wolcott (4 West 31st Street)

Hudson Theatre

Interborough Rapid Transit Company Powerhouse

Japan Society (New York) Headquarters

Knickerbocker Hotel

Knox Building

Lambs Club

James F.D. Lanier Residence

Lescaze House

Lever House

Lincoln Building

Little Theatre (Helen Hayes Theatre)

Edith Andrews Logan Residence (17 West 56th St)

Longacre Theatre

Look Building

Lord & Taylor Building

Lord & Taylor Building (Former)

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (Globe Theatre)

Lyceum Theatre

R.H. Macy & Co. Store, 14th Street Annex (56 West 14th Street)

Madison Belmont Building (181 Madison Avenue @ 34th Street)

Majestic Theatre

Jerome Mansion (Manhattan Club)

Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company Building (600 Fifth Avenue Building), Former Sinclair Oil

Manufacturers Trust Company Building (510 Fifth Avenue at West 43rd Street)

Marble Collegiate Reformed Church

Mark Hellinger Theatre (Hollywood Theatre) (235 W51st St)

Martha Washington Hotel (29 East 30th Street)

Martin Beck Theatre

McGraw-Hill Building

Mechanics’ and Trademen’s Institute (Berkeley School)

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower

I. Miller Building (1522-1524 Bwy & 46th St)

Phelps Stokes - J.P. Morgan, Jr. House (Morgan Library), 231 Madison Ave & 37th

The Pierpont Morgan Library and Annex

Music Box Theatre

New Amsterdam Theatre

New York Central Building

New York House and School of Industry

New York Life Building

New York Public Library Main Branch

New York Public Library, Muhlenberg Branch

New York Times Building (Times Annex)

New York Yacht Club Building

Andrew Norwood House

The Old Grolier Club (Gilbert Kiamie House)

Osborne Apartments

Panhellenic Tower (Beekman Tower Hotel) (East 49th St)

Paramount Building

Paramount Hotel

Pepsi-Cola Building (former) (ABN-Amro Bank Building) (500 Park Ave)

Pershing Square Building (125 Park Avenue)

Pershing Square Viaduct (Park Avenue Viaduct)

John Pierce Residence (11 E51st St)

Morton F. Plant House

Players Club

Plaza Hotel

Plymouth Theatre

Pratt-New York Phoenix School of Design (New York School of Applied Design for Women)

Racquet and Tennis Club Building

Ritz Tower

Rizzoli Building (712 Fifth Avenue)

James Hampden Robb and Cornelia Van Rensselaer Robb House 23 Park Avenue at 35th Street

Rockefeller Apartments, 17 W 54th and 24 West 55th Street

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Guest House, 242 East 52nd Street

Rodin Studios, 200 West 57th Street

Theodore Roosevelt House

Royale Theatre

Paul Rudolph Penthouse & Apartments, 23 Beekman Pl

Russell Sage Foundation Building and Annex

St. Bartholomew’s Church and Community House

St. George’s Church

St. James Theatre (Erlanger Theater)

St. Louis Hotel (Hotel Grand Union, 34 East 32nd St.)

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Lady Chapel, Rectory and Cardinal’s Residence

St. Regis Hotel

St. Stephens Church (Church of Our Lady of the Scapular & St. Stephen)

St. Thomas’ Church and St. Thomas’ Parish House

Saks Fifth Avenue Building

Salvation Army National and Territorial Headquarters

Morris B. Sanders Studio & Apartment 219 East 49th Street

Scheffel Hall (former)

Scribner Building (United Synagogue of America)

Charles Scribner’s Sons Building

Seagram Building

Henry Seligman House

Seville Hotel

Shelton Hotel

Shubert Theatre

Sidewalk Clock, 200 Fifth Avenue

Sidewalk Clock, 522 Fifth Avenue

Sixty-Ninth Regiment Armory

Society House of the American Society of Civil Engineers (220 West 57th Street)

Socony-Mobil Building

Springs Mills Building (104 West 40th Street)

Starrett-Lehigh Building

Steinway Hall

Steinway & Sons Reception Room and Hallway

Stewart & Company Building

Stuyvesant High School

Summit Hotel (Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel) (166 East 51st Street)

William J. Syms Operating Theater

Tammany Hall (17th Street & Union Square East)

Tiffany Building (former)

Samuel J. Tilden House (National Arts Club)

Town Hall

Trinity Chapel Complex (15 West 25th Street)

Union League Club (38 East 37th Street)

Union Square Savings Bank

United States Rubber Company Building (former) (1790 Broadway)

University Club

George W. Vanderbilt Residence (647 5th Avenue)

Henry Villard Houses

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

The Wilbraham

The Windermere

Yale Club of New York City (50 Vanderbilt Avenue)

Yale Club of New York City (30-32 West 44th Street)

Minnie E. Young Residence (19 East 54th Street)

William and Helen Martin Murphy Ziegler, Jr. House (116 E55 St)

Interior Landmarks

Alvin Theater (Neil Simon Theater), First Floor Interior

Ambassador Theater, First Floor Interior

Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, First Department (Appellate Division Courthouse), First Floor Interior

Barrymore Theater, First Floor Interior

Belasco Theatre, First Floor Interior

Biltmore Theatre, First Floor Interior

Booth Theatre, First Floor Interior

Bowery Savings Bank Building, First Floor Interior

Broadhurst Theatre, First Floor Interior

Charles Scribner's Sons Building Interior, First Floor Interior

Chrysler Building, Ground Floor Interior

Daily News Building, First Floor Interior

Della Robbia Bar (Former) (The "Crypt", Flori Restaurant), Vanderbuilt Hotel (Former), Ground Floor Interior

Ed Sullivan Theater (Hammerstein's Theatre), First Floor Interior

Embassy Theatre, First Floor Interior

Empire State Building, Ground Floor Interior

Eugene O'Neill Theatre (Forrest Theatre), First Floor Interior

Film Center Building, First Floor Interior

Ford Foundation Building, Interior

Forty-Sixth Street Theatre (Chanin's Forty-Sixth Street Theatere), First Floor Interior

Four Seasons Restaurant, Ground Floor Interior

Fuller Building, First Floor Interior

Goelet Building (Swiss Center Building), First Floor Interior

Golden Theatre (Theater Masque) Interior

Grand Central Terminal Interior

Greenwich Savings Bank (Crossland Federal Savings Bank), First Floor Interior

Hudson Theatre, First Floor Interior

IRT Subway System Underground Interior

Little Theatre (Helen Hayes Theatre), First Floor Interior

Longacre Theatre, First Floor Interior

Lyceum Theatre, First Floor Interior

Majestic Theatre, First Floor Interior

Manufacturers Trust Company Building Interior

Mark Hellinger Theatre (Hollywood Theatre) Interior

Martin Beck Theatre, First Floor Interior

Music Box Theatre, First Floor Interior

New Amsterdam Theatre, First Floor Interior

New York Central Building-Helmsley Building, Main Floor Interior

New York Public Library Interiors: Main Lobby, Central Hall, etc.

New York Public Library interiors: Rose Main Reading Room, Bill Blass Public Catalog Room

Palace Theatre, First Floor Interior

Plaza Hotel Interior

Plymouth Theatre, First Floor Interior

Rainbow Room, 65th floor of the GE Building

Royale Theatre, First Floor Interior

St. James Theatre (Erlanger Theatre), First Floor Interior

Seagram Building, First Floor Interior

Shubert Theatre, First Floor Interior

Time & Life Building, Ground Floor Interior

Town Hall, First Floor Interior

United Nations Hotel, First Floor Interiors (One UN New York) (1 & 2 United Nations Plaza)

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Interiors

Winter Garden Theatre, First Floor Interior

Scenic Landmarks

Bryant Park

Grand Army Plaza (Manhattan)