Designated Historic Sites in Manhattan (Below 14th Street)

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Historic Districts

African Burial Ground and the Commons Historic District

Charlton-King-Vandam Historic District

East 10th Street Historic District

East Village-Lower East Side Historic District

Fraunces Tavern Block Historic District

Gansevoort Market Historic District

Greenwich Village Historic District

MacDougal-Sullivan Gardens Historic District

NoHo Historic District

NoHo East Historic District

St. Mark's Historic District

SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District

South Street Seaport Historic District

Stone Street Historic District

Sullivan-Thompson Historic District

Tribeca East Historic District

Tribeca North Historic District

Tribeca South Historic District

Tribeca West Historic District

Weehawken Street Historic District

Individual Landmarks

1 Wall Street Building (Irving Trust Company Building, Bank of New York Building)

116 Sullivan Street

127, 129 & 131 MacDougal Street Houses

131 Charles Street House

14 Wall Street Building (Bankers Trust Building)

140 Broadway (Marine Midland Building)

143 Allen Street House

154 West 14th Street Building

159 Charles Street House

159-163 John Street Building

165 John Street Building

167-171 John Street Building

170-176 John Street Building

175 West Broadway Building

189 Front Street Building

190 Grand Street House

191 Front Street Building

192 Grand Street House

193 Front Street Building

195 Front Street Building

2 White Street House

2-18 Fulton Street Buildings (Schermerhorne Row)

203 Prince Street House

21 West Street Building

23 & 25 Park Place Buildings

254-260 Canal Street Building

26, 28 & 30 Jones Street Houses

281 East Broadway House (Isaac T. Ludlam House)

287 Broadway Building

29 Harrison Street House (Sarah R. Lambert House)

31 Harrison Street House (Jacob Ruckle House)

311 Broadway Building

314 Washington Street House (23 Harrison Street House) (Jonas Wood House)

315 Broadway Building

315 Washington Street House (27 Harrison Street House)

317 Washington Street House (25 Harrison Street House)

319 Broadway Building

32, 34 & 36 Dominick Street Houses

325-333 Broadway Building

327 Washington Street House (37 Harrison Street House) (Wilson Hunt House)

329 Washington Street House (Joseph Randolph House)

33 Harrison Street House (Ebenezer Miller House)

331 Washington Street House (41 Harrison Street House) (William B. Nichols House)

333 Washington Street (33 Harrison Street House)

339 Grand Street House

354 West 11th Street House

359 Broadway Building

361 Broadway Building (James White Building)

376-380 Lafayette Street Building

39 and 41 Worth Street

480 Greenwich Street-502 Canal Street House (John Y. Smith House)

486 and 488 Greenwich Street Houses (indiv. designated)

504 Canal Street House

506 Canal Street House (John G. Rohr House)

508 Canal Street House

51 Market Street House

511 and 513 Grand Street Houses (indiv. designated)

56-58 Pine Street Building

57 Sullivan Street House

63 Nassau Street

75 Murray Street Building

827-831 Broadway

83 Sullivan Street House

85 Sullivan Street House

90-94 Maiden Lane Building

91 South Street Building

92 South Street Building

94 Greenwich Street House

94-100 Lafayette Street Building (Avildsen Building)

97 Bowery Building

97 Murray Street Building

A.T. Stewart Company Store

Ahrens Building (70 Lafayette Street)

American Bank Note Company Building

American Express Company Building

American Seamen’s Friend Society Sailors’ Home and Institute

American Surety Company

American Telephone & Telegraph Company Building

American Tract Society Building

Anshe Slonim Synagogue (Anshe Chesed Synagogue)

Aschenbroedel Verein (Gesangverein Schillerbund-La Mama Experimental Theatre Club) Building

Astor Library (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Building)

Bank of New York & Trust Company Building (Former)

Barclay-Vesey Building

Battery Park Control House

Baumann Brothers Furniture and Carpets Store

Bayard-Condict Building

Beaver Building (New York Cocoa Exchange Building)

Bennett Building

Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Synagogue (Norfolk Street Baptist Church)

Bialystoker Center and Home for the Aged

Bialystoker Synagogue (Willett Street Methodist Episcopal Church)

Bouwerie Lane Theatre (Bond Street Savings Bank)

Bowery Bank of New York Building, 124 Bowery

Bowery Mission, 227 Bowery

Bowery Savings Bank, 130 Bowery

Bowling Green Fence

Bowling Green Offices Building 5-11 Broadway

Broadway-Chambers Building

Brooklyn Bridge

Brown Building (Asch Building)

David S. Brown Store (8 Thomas Street)

James Brown House

Cary Building

Castle Clinton

Chamber of Commerce Building

Children's Aid Society, Elizabeth Home for Girls

Children's Aid Society, Tompkins Square Lodging House for Boys and Industrial School aka Eleventh Ward Lodging House

Church of the Transfiguration

Cities Service Building

Citizens Savings Bank

City Bank-Farmers Trust Company Building

City Hall

Condict Store 55 White Street

Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Anshe Ungarn (Former)

Corbin Building (13 John Street)

Cunard Building

De Vinne Press Building

Delmonico’s Building

Department of Marine and Aviation Piers to South Brooklyn (Municipal Ferry Piers to South Brooklyn)

F.W. Devoe & Co. Factory Building (110 Horatio St)

Robert and Anne Dickey House 67 Greenwich Street

Down Town Association Building (60 Pine St)

Downtown Athletic Club Building

Eldridge Street Synagogue (Congregation Khal Adath Jeshurun with Anshe Lubz)

Eleventh Street Methodist Episcopal Chapel (People's Home Church and Settlement, Father's Heart Church)

Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank Building (Former)

Empire Building

Equitable Building

Excelsior Stream Power Company Building (34-43 Gold Street)

Federal Hall National Memorial

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Firehouse, Engine Company 7 - Hook & Ladder Company 1 (100-104 Duane St)

(Former) Firehouse, Engine Company 29, 160 Chambers Street

Fire Engine Company 55

Fire House Engine Company No. 31

Firehouse Engine Company Thirty-Three

First Houses

First National City Bank

First Precinct Police Station

First Shearith Israel Graveyard

First Ukrainian Assembly of God (Metropolitan Savings Bank)

Fleming Smith Warehouse

Forward Building

Foundation Building, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art

Fourteenth Ward Industrial School

Fraunces Tavern

Free Public Baths of the City of New York, East 11th Street Bath

German-American Shooting Society Clubhouse

Germania Bank Building

Germania Fire Insurance Company Bowery Building, 357 Bowery

Grace Church

Grace Church Rectory

Grace Church Clergy House

Grace Memorial House (Huntington House)

Grace Church Neighborhood House

Hamilton Fish Park Play Center

Hamilton-Holly House

E.V. Haughwout Building

Henry Street Settlement 263, 265, 267 Henry Street (indiv. designated)

Historic Street Lampposts

Holland Plaza Building (One Hudson Square, 75 Varick Street)

Home Life Insurance Company Building incorporating the Postal Telegraph Building 253-257 Broadway

Ralph and Ann E. Van Wyck Mead House, later the Issac T. Hopper Home of the Women's Prison Association

Church of the Immaculate Conception and Clergy Houses (Grace Chapel and Grace Hospital)

India House

International Mercantile Marine Company Building

Louis N. Jaffe Art Theater (Yiddish Art Theater - Yiddish Folks Theater) Building

S. Jarmulowsky Bank Building

John Street Methodist Church

Judson Hall

Judson Memorial Church

Kehila Kadosha Janina Synagogue

Keller Hotel (150 Barrow Street-384 West Street)

Keuffel & Esser Company Building

Kitchen, Montross & Wilcox Store (85 Leonard Street)

La Grange Terrace (Colonnade Row)428,430,432,434 Lafayette Street (indiv. designated)

Daniel LeRoy House

Liberty Tower

Loew's Canal Street Theatre, 31 Canal Street

Long Distance Building of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company

Manhattan Bridge Arch and Colonnade

Manhattan Company Building

Mariner’s Temple

United States Courthouse

Edward Mooney House (18 Bowery)

J.P. Morgan & Company Building

Morse Building (Nassau-Beekman Building)

Municipal Building

Mutual Reserve Building (305 Broadway)

Neighborhood Playhouse (Henry Street Playhouse, Harry De Jur Playhouse), 466 Grand St & Pitt St

New York City Marble Cemetery 52-72 E 2nd Street

New York County Courthouse (New York State Supreme Court), 60 Centre Street

New York County Lawyers’ Association Building

New York County National Bank Building (Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company Building), 77-79 Eighth Avenue

New York Curb Exchange (later American Stock Exchange), 86 Trinity Place

New York Life Insurance Building (Former)

New York Marble Cemetery entrance at 41 Second Avenue

New York Public Library, Chatham Square Branch

New York Public Library, Seward Park Branch

New York Public Library, Tompkins Square Branch

New York Savings Bank

New York Stock Exchange Building

Former New York Times Building

Odd Fellows Hall

Old Merchant's House (Seabury Tredwell House)

Old New York Evening Post Building

One Chase Manhattan Plaza

Ottendorfer Branch, New York Public Library

Park Row Building

Charlie Parker Residence

Pier A

Pike Street Synagogue (Congregation Sons of Israel Kalwarie)

Police Athletic League Building (Grammar School 47)

Former Police Headquarters Building

Potter Building

Public National Bank of New York Building (Public National Bank & Trust Company of New York Building)

Public School 64 (Former)

Puck Building

Edward Ridley & Sons Department Store (315-317 and 319-321 Grand Street)

Robbins & Appleton Building

Rogers, Peet & Company Building, 258 Broadway (1-11 Warren St)

St. Augustine’s Chapel

St. George's Syrian Catholic Church (Former), 103 Washington Street

St. James Church

St. Mark's-in-the-Bowery Church

St. Nicholas of Myra Orthodox Church

St. Patrick's Convent and Girls' School

St. Patrick's Old Cathedral

St. Patrick's Old Cathedral Chancery Office

St. Paul’s Chapel and Graveyard

St. Peter’s Church

Salmagundi Club

Samuel Tredwell Skidmore House 37 East 4th Street

Sea and Land Church

J. & W. Seligman & Company Building (Lehman Brothers Building; Banca Commerciale Italiana Building)

Standard Oil Building

Stonewall Inn (53 Christopher Street)

Street Plan of New Amsterdam and Colonial New York

Stuyvesant-Fish House

Stuyvesant Polyclinic Hospital

Surrogate’s Court (Hall of Records)

Swift, Seaman & Co. Building. 122 Chambers Street/ 52 Warren Street

Temple Court Building and Annex

Trinity Building

Trinity Church and Graveyard

Tweed Courthouse

United States Custom House

United States Federal Building

United States Realty Building, 115 Broadway

University Village

Stephen Van Rensselaer House

Van Tassell & Kearney Auction Mart, 126-128 East 13th Street

James Watson House (Rectory of the Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton)

Webster Hall and Annex

West Street Building

Western Union Building

Wheatsworth Bakery Building, 444 East 10th Street

Whitehall Building

Dennison and Lydia Wood House (310 Spring Street)

Woods Mercantile Buildings, 46-50 White Street

Woolworth Building

Young Men’s Institute Building of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)

Interior Landmarks

American Telephone & Telegraph Company Building, First Floor Interior

Barclay-Vesey Building, First Floor Interior

Bowery Savings Bank (Home Savings of America), First Floor Interior

Cities Service Building, First Floor Interior

City Hall, First Floor Interior

Cunard Building, First Floor Interior

Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank (Former), First Floor Interior

Federal Hall National Memorial, Interior Rotunda

Long Distance Building of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, First Floor Interior, 32 Avenue of the Americas

Louis N. Jaffe Art Theater (Yiddish Art Theater/Yiddish Folks Theater) Interior

National City Bank Building, Main Floor Interior

New School for Social Research, First Floor Interior

New York County Courthouse Interior

New York Life Insurance Building (Former) Interior

Old Merchant’s House (Seabury Tredwell House) Interior

Ottendorfer Branch, New York Public Library First Floor Interior

Tweed Courthouse, First Floor Interior

United States Custom House Interior

Woolworth Building, First Floor Interior